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DJP Quebec Immigration Services is established since 2003, a time when immigration regulation was almost nonexistent. Jean-Pierre Fafard, the sole owner of DJP Quebec immigration Services, was able to adapt and adjust to the new regulations established in 2004. This regulation laid the foundations for better coordination between immigration consultants, Canadian and Quebec immigration officers. Since then, Quebec has constituted its own list of Quebec immigration consultants, of which we are proud to be a member.

We offer general consultation services in immigration. We cover all aspects of the many immigration programs for Canada and Quebec. By doing a careful assessment of your case, we can provide you with the right program in light of your situation. This way, you are guaranteed to maximise your chances of being successful with your immigration project.


You want to get your spouse here in Canada to finally live together? You want to maximise your chances to land in Canada by choosing the right training in Canada to work here? You received a refusal letter from CIC or MIDI and you want to know what to do next? You want to have a personal consultation in the office of Jean-Pierre Fafard to assess your personal or family situation? We, at DJP Quebec immigration Services, will be there to listen to you and advise you on the best strategy to follow.

You would like to hire a caregiver to help you out with the kids or to watch over and support your old age parents? Trust DJP Quebec immigration Services to help you find the right foreign worker. You may have found this person abroad and want us to process the paper: no problem, we will do it for you.

We also advise and help employers find workers abroad when they can’t find enough in their region because of a shortage of skilled workers. We can help employers find these workers and process their papers to be legit in Canada.

We, at DJP Quebec immigration Services, can not guarantee the outcome of your processing, but we can guarantee you that the work we do is the best you can get.

Jean-Pierre Fafard, immigration consultant:
Registre du Québec # 11049

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