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Immigrate as a Live-in Caregiver with DJP Quebec Immigration Services

The live-in caregiver program went through important changes in November of 2014. For the moment, the program is managed mainly by the federal government. For now, the program is administered by the federal and Quebec keeps in line with the federal program while keeping its old prerogatives.

The caregiver program is now split in two:

  1. Caregivers for children under 18 years of age. This category could include positions such as:
    • Home child care providers, often called nannies – lower-skilled (National Occupational Classification (NOC) code 6474 – Baby Nannies, and Parents helpers
  2. Caregivers for people with high medical needs: Elderly persons, 65 years of age or over; or people with disabilities, a chronic or terminal illness. This category could include positions such as:

Homecare Work as a Live-in Caregiver

  • To be a nanny for a young Quebec family;
  • To homecare for old age person;
  • To homecare for handicapped person.

If you went through a qualified training, got at least one year experience that you can prove non-equivocally, you are most certainly qualified for one program or another.

For the young family of professionals, this option is often less expensive than traditional child care. We still must convince the employers of the merits of this proposal, as they will have to pay for an application for Impact Assessment on the Labour Market with Service Canada, defray the cost of transportation from your country to here, pay you a salary of $450 per week and possibly food and shelter for free. In many cases, it's still a bargain and it's a much more appropriate situation.

DJP Quebec immigration Services regularly posts our applicants services on websites like KIJIJI or LesPacs, looking to find qualified employer to hire you.

We require from our applicants a first deposit of $500 (non refundable), with introducing letter, complete resume and pictures in work context. Upon receipt of these requirements, we will supply the prospective employer with this information. We leave it up to the employer to reach you by email or by phone for interview.

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