Des travailleurs canadiens provenant de l'étranger

ARRIMA for skilled  worker

with DJP Quebec Immigration Services

On the one hand, to face the challenges of its demographic weight, which continues to decrease, and to maintain its cultural and linguistic distinctiveness; on the other, because it is solely responsible for the selection of workers wishing to settle in its territory, the Government of Quebec launched Arrima on September 18, 2018. Arrima is a portal for skilled workers in Quebec.

A Quebec skilled worker is a foreign national who intends to settle in Quebec to fill a job that the foreign national is qualified to hold. This determination is made using a points system that assesses the candidate’s area of training, education, experience, age, language, a spouse or partner’s qualifications, the job offer (which is not mandatory) and children.

In fact, the analysis of the Quebec skilled worker candidate is carried out in two stages. To qualify during the preliminary stage, the requirements examined will be related to the applicant’s employability, including factors such as his or her level and area of education, work experience, age, knowledge of French and English, stays and family in Quebec, the existence of a validated employment offer and, if applicable, the characteristics of the spouse or common-law partner accompanying the applicant.

Next, once the preliminary stage has been completed, the candidate goes on to the selection exam where he or she will have additional points if accompanied by dependent children and another point if he or she demonstrates financial capability.

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