Des travailleurs étrangers dans des champs du Québec

Hiring a permanent foreign worker

with DJP Quebec Immigration Services

It is possible to hire a foreign worker to filled labour or skills shortages.  In order to do so, you will needed supporting that employee in their journey to permanent residency in Canada.  We at DJP Quebec immigration Services can assist you in the processing.  Wherever your foreign worker is abroad or working for you with a temporary working visa, it is possible with our assistance to help your worker to achieve permanent residency in Canada and secures this way his status in Canada.  We can also assessed your worker before you hired him to make sure your future employee will complied with the skills workers requirements of Express Entry program.  You can hire a French-speaking or bilingual foreign worker outside of Quebec.  You can become a designated employer and hire a skilled worker or international graduate.  Make a valid job offer and create a job offer for Express Entry to support your employee for permanent residency application and see how we can assist both of you to be eligible provincial nominee with a province or territory.  Find the right match on the government’s employer portal.

To help your applicant in Quebec, you can provided him a job offer validated by the Ministère de l’immigration, de la francisation et de l’intégration MIFI.  The applicants who have a validated job offer approved by the MIFI and have made a declaration of interest in ARRIMA have much better chances to be eligible to present a skill worker application with the regular program of skill worker in Quebec.  Let us manage for you this special feature of the validated skill worker program in Quebec.